Hey! It's me again. Today I'm going to tell you about me and my friend's plans for the next holiday.

Ayu: Hey, Fiqa! Syafiqa: Hey, Ayu! What's up? Ayu: I'm great, thanks. What about you? Syafiqa: I'm good, thanks. I'm really excited! Ayu: Excited about what? Syafiqa: Holiday, of course! Ayu: Oh yeah! I forgot about it, I've been studying for final exams. Syafiqa: Do you have any plans for holiday? Ayu: I think I'm going to go to South Korea. Syafiqa: What are you gonna do in South Korea? Ayu: I'm going to attend a concert and visit some beautiful places there. Syafiqa: Well, that's awesome! Can you speak Korean? Ayu: Um, no. But, my cousin can. Syafiqa: That's amazing! Ayu: How about you? Do you have any plans? Syafiqa: Yeah, I'm going to go to the Universal Studio in Toronto! Ayu: Where is Toronto? Syafiqa: It's in Canada. Ayu: Wow! That's so far away! How long will you stay there? Syafiqa: I'll stay there for a week.…

Thanks Mom!

Hi, I'm back. Do you miss me? So today I want to tell you about a blessing experience of mine when I was in middle school. Here it goes...
   One day, when I was in 9th grade, I went to school with my dad. We went there by our car, my dad drove it. That day, I brought my guitar in my guitar case, JUST my guitar case. All of my books and my lunch are in that guitar case. I didn't bring my old bag that i usually bring to school that time. That time, I always put my money inside my bag, so that I always have preparation for some unexpected things. Before I went to school, I was in a hurry and I forgot to bring the money that was in the bag. I only brought some money that my mom had given me that morning. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until I bought some snacks from canteen and my money was only Rp7.000 left, and it's just enough to pay for my ride to home. I was worried, but I was a little bit relieved because it's enough to pay my ride home, although I would…


Hi, my name is Syafiqa. I have a best friend, her name is Narisha. I still remember how we first met each other in the library. It goes like this...

Narisha: Hahahaha why is she doing that?
Syafiqa: (I look at the mysterious girl who is laughing beside me.)
Narisha: Hahahahaha I love this story!
Syafiqa: Shhhh!
Narisha: What???
Syafiqa: This is a library.
Narisha: I know. So?
Syafiqa: It means you can't be too loud.
Narisha: Oh yeah, I'm sorry.

Few minutes later...

Narisha: OH MY GOD!!!
Syafiqa: What's wrong with you? Few minutes ago you just laughed at the book, why do you look so sad right now?
Narisha: This book is so confusing!
Syafiqa: What's the title of the book?
Narisha: Syasa the Clumsy Girl.
Syafiqa: Really? Syasa sounds like my name!
Narisha: Yeah? What's your name then?
Syafiqa: My name is Syafiqa. What about you?
Narisha: I'm Narisha, you can call me Icha.
Syafiqa: I think the librarian is going to kick us out of here. Let's go to the cantee…

Me, Myself, and I

Hi, I'm Syafiqa. My full name is Syafiqa Putri Liana. I study at 3 Senior High School. I was born in Bandung, 4th of July 2002. I live in Bandung, at Jl. Villa Asri to be exact. In my free time, i usually play my guitar or listening to music, so i guess music is my passion. If you've ever heard of Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Ed Sheeran, or Camila Cabello, I'm a big fan of them. I really like their music. I also like playing basketball. I was one of the players in my Junior High School Basketball Team.
   My favorite subjects are Math and English. When I was in Elementary School, I actually hate English because I always thought that English is so hard to learn. And that change when I was in 8th grade. I still remember when I was in 8th grade, the first time i met my English Teacher, The Teacher asked us "Do you like English? If so, why?" and at that moment I was scared to answer that I hate English because I don't want to have low scores in my exams. So I …